Flyfrog is a very innovative Marketing Research company. We do customized quant research (on and off-line) and on-line qual research with a very innovative twist. Flyfrog have some very strong partners (Hotspex for Emotional Science, nViso for Facial Recognition, In Touch for off-line qual), but we also believe in in-house innovation. For this reason, the whole team is in charge of bringing new ideas to life.

We service some of the major international and national corporations with a very strong focus on providing the best service, with flexibility and high level of customization.

International Research

Rodrigo Toni, flyfrog’s founder, has been around for 20 years, in companies such as Nielsen, TNS/RI and Ipsos. He was Ipsos’ CEO in Brazil and in SE Asia. He knows a lot about research in Brazil and internationally and one of his obsessions is with service. For this reason, flyfrog believes that we will be a strong partner for overseas companies (both final clients and research agencies) that want to survey Brazilian consumers. Our pledge is to reduce the burden on our clients’ shoulder, by delivering swift, flexible and proactive service on international projects.

We do know what managing several geographies is all about. Therefore, on the Brazilian part of your project, count on us to make your life easier.


Hot tem a ver com emoção; Spex remete à razão. A HotSpex sabe que todos nós somos razão e emoção.  Para compreender os consumidores, precisamos entender esses dois elementos. Emotional Science é a maneira de entender emoções, mapeá-las e posicionar marcas e elementos do mix.

Especialista em reconhecimento facial. Ao estudar expressões faciais e reconhecer emoções associadas a elas, conseguimos entender se o consumidor sente alegria, desgosto, tristeza ou outras emoções. Tudo isso é feito através de algoritmos estatísticos testados e validados.

Está entre as melhores e mais bem sucedidas empresas qualitativas do mercado brasileiro